April is National Poetry Month!

Outside of Time
by Natalia Corres

Do you stand firmly in the time stream, 
letting the cold wrap your feet or pick your way across it, 
stepping on bits and pieces of events, 
like nature's bridges between the shores that frame the passage of life.

Does the movement captivate you? 
Or do you stare in wonder at some small sparkle that caught your eye or the movement that seemed to be another being in the flow with you? 
How do you perceive the time stream's passing? 

Or do you think of it at all, while focused wistfully, 
on distant shores that promise heaven if only you are enough. 

Or do you surf it, like a leaf, or twig - rolling and laughing as you dodge the rocks;  joyful in the knowledge that you are part of the tide, 
one with the time stream in  all of its glory - calm and stormy;  
each moment a pearl formed around the grit of life.

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