Monday, Monday

I have been working from home for the last several years, and Mondays are still in need of a jump start. My to do list today includes: submitting another short story to The Molotov Cocktail; updating the month’s discount code (it is LOVEJAVA, for 14% off this month); writing various blogs (like this one you… Continue reading Monday, Monday

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

There seems to be an infinite number of ways to prepare coffee. My husband often drinks his coffee black, whether it’s flavored or not, but he’ll also drink the sugary coffee concoctions that Dunkin makes. I remember a former coworker who always ordered her coffee “light and sweet,” so no skimping on the cream or… Continue reading How Do You Take Your Coffee?

The shadow knows

I started life as a tea drinker. That’s what my mother drank, so that is what I drank. And she was a grocery store black tea only kind of tea drinker – Tetley or Lipton – that was it, with enough sugar and milk to make you wonder if the tea was just there for… Continue reading The shadow knows

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