Stroopwafel Poem

Behold, the Stroopwaffelsthat my husband bought for meal dente, so exquisiteat room temperaturejust the right amount ofresistance as I sink my teethinto it and taste the caramelon my tongue But then!warm atop your mugthe packaging says to meso melty and deliciousanother small pleasurein this world wheresuch small thingscan bring such immense joy

Shortcut to Mushrooms?

It’s okay to have a humongous Hobbit-like appreciation for a certain type of fungus that grows among us. In fact, you can grow your own mushrooms – particularly the shiitake and oyster mushroom varieties – in a bucket or a bag filled with used coffee grounds. Here’s what you’ll need: 5 lbs used coffee grounds,… Continue reading Shortcut to Mushrooms?