Death before Dragons, series

I just finished binge reading the Death before Dragons series by Lindsay Buroker, and after completing the 9 book series in about 10 days, I have to say I am sorry it ended. And not just because somewhere in the middle of the series, her part dwarf roommate opens a coffee shop/art shop/magical hangout called “Sable Dragon Coffee”. I admit that was a plus for me, as a lover of coffee.

No, I liked it because the protagonist (Val) is a half-elven woman, with a sarcastic attitude, who immediately “vexes” everyone she comes in contact with – oh, and she’s an assassin for the US government. She tracks down and kills magical folks who have committed heinous crimes. Although her reputation is that she is an indiscriminate killer of ‘magicals’, and most of the magical community refer to her as the “Ruin Bringer”.

She also has a bunch of magical trinkets, one of which calls forth a giant silver tiger (Sindari), with whom she can communicate telepathically. They partner up to track and battle “bad guys”. Because of her reputation, and her determination to complete her assignments, she winds up on the bad side of a Dragon who has been charged to recapture escaped criminals from his realm.

She also has a magical gun “Fezzik” (yes, from Princess Bride) and a dwarven sword she calls “Chopper” that she took from a zombie. I won’t spoil the stories by telling you any more. But if you like urban fantasy (and who doesn’t?) then I recommend reading this series. Plus if you are a kindle unlimited member – the whole nine book series is available through that program.

Book One of Nine

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