How Do You Take Your Coffee?

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There seems to be an infinite number of ways to prepare coffee. My husband often drinks his coffee black, whether it’s flavored or not, but he’ll also drink the sugary coffee concoctions that Dunkin makes.

I remember a former coworker who always ordered her coffee “light and sweet,” so no skimping on the cream or the sugar! My grandma likes her coffee pretty much the same way, but instead of sugar, she wants the “pink packets” of artificial sweetener.

I polled a few writers and editors for their coffee preferences. Here are some of their responses:

“I drink the largest iced Americano I can order.” (Sarah Kremen-Hicks, editor)

“[How] I like my coffee: cappuccino with milk, and chocolate, and a lot of sugar.” (Montse N. RĂ­os, author of Hija del Rayo)

“Iced Vanilla Chai Latte with Lavender.” (Karen Cline-Tardiff, Editor-in-Chief, Gnashing Teeth Publishing)

“I give the coffee to my husband and make myself a cup of tea.” (Rommy Cortez-Driks, author of The Trouble with Wanting and Other Not-Quite Faerie Tales)

As for me? I don’t like coffee. (Weird, right?) I do love the smell of coffee, but if my friends in college bought me a caramel coffee with plenty of creamer and so much sugar that it became super-saturated, and I still couldn’t tolerate it? I’m afraid there’s no hope for me. Hot chocolate would be lovely, though. (More coffee for everyone else!) It’s nice with a little butterscotch schnapps, too, which is probably also nice in coffee!

UPDATE: 28/01/2021 – Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Otherworld, Men of the Otherworld author):

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