How to Cope with Cutting Caffeine

So many people in this world rely on their caffeine to get through each day, whether it’s in cups of the holy mocha, bottles of carbonated beverages, or even in migraine medication! With the medication exception, it’s a sad state of affairs that some medical conditions result in doctors saying, “You need to cut down on your caffeine consumption.”

There are a variety of reasons your healthcare providers might tell you to decrease your caffeine intake, including but not limited to: high blood pressure, osteoporosis, tachycardia, pregnancy and maternal fertility, insomnia, breast pain, and more.

So what’s a person to do when caffeine has been part of the daily routine for decades? (This post should not be considered medical advice. Talk to your healthcare professional for that sort of thing!) Caffeine withdrawal can cause a lot of unpleasant side effects, so unless you’ve already had some “detox” due to a hospitalization, you may want to cut back gradually. Instead of going from four cans of soda a day to one can a day, maybe scale back to three can first and work your way down from there. (…she types, glancing at her nearly-empty bottle of Pepsi Max.)

There’s also the option of not really giving up anything, but switching to caffeine-free or lower caffeine versions of your favorite caffeine vehicle. Instead of brewing our Lara Raith Extra Caffeine Blend all day, you might consider something like the Shadow Girl Dark Blend when you wake up and either the Waldo Butters Half-Caff Blend or Peru Decaf Coffee.

Don’t forget that things like chocolate, tea, energy drinks, and even coffee-flavored ice cream contain caffeine, as well!

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