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I have been working from home for the last several years, and Mondays are still in need of a jump start. My to do list today includes: submitting another short story to The Molotov Cocktail; updating the month’s discount code (it is LOVEJAVA, for 14% off this month); writing various blogs (like this one you are reading); and a litany of household chores. Also, I bought a new desk which I told my husband I would put together myself (he offered) but every time I look at the box, I find myself going to do something else.

It isn’t even a big desk. But it will require me to unclutter and rearrange my work area. A sort of domino effect as I free up a table to use with my painting, thus freeing up two “tv tray” tables to go back to the Living Room. Then rearranging the printer and filing cabinet placements. Looking at the desk in its box – I see a mountain of other tasks that will need to happen once I start building it.

So far I’ve walked the dog, put the trash bins out, brought the trash bins in, chopped veggies to roast for lunch, took stuff out to the compost in the garden, put a load of laundry in, and updated the discount code.

Right now, as I am writing this I am enjoying a cup of Bali Blue, and wondering if the drizzle outside will turn into a full on rain anytime soon. Yes, I am dragging my feet a little bit.

Okay, a lot. I am procrastinating. Or maybe pro-caffeinating…. whichever you prefer. But this Monday is still young, and I have plenty of time to get things done. Happy February First!

Here’s hoping your February is productive and you spend a little time for yourself.

One of our new mugs in the Shadow Girl Coffee Swag.

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