TGI Freya’s Day

The gods of old are with us everywhere…from the days of the week to our cars, athletic shoes, and more. The ancient world is alive in our lives, history lives with us whether we are actively aware of it or not.

Every day that passes is a bit of history that we have lived in. Somedays are more memorable than others. For example, I can recall with great accuracy the day that President Kennedy was assassinated.

I was in first grade, in a parochial school Charlestown, Ma. with nuns as teachers. Sister Mary Xavier was called out of the room, and then burst back in clearly distraught. Wringing her hands and with tears streaming down her cheeks, she bid us all to pray for the President (a catholic and from Massachusetts – so even those of us in first grade knew of his importance to our lives).

I remember a lot of landmark days in history, not realizing at the time that I was in fact passing through history in the making. It wasn’t until I was well into my adult years that the thought of how much “history” I had witnessed made its mark in my thoughts.

As I write speculative and weird fiction, it sometimes comes from wondering how things would have happened if only <fill in the blank>. Or what if what really was going on was <fill in the blank>. And so, even though it is the end of the standard work week (hence TGIF) and I am musing over my cup of java – I am inspired to go finish writing a chapter in one of my projects. You never know how reviewing history and the gods will inspire you. LOL

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