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I started life as a tea drinker. That’s what my mother drank, so that is what I drank. And she was a grocery store black tea only kind of tea drinker – Tetley or Lipton – that was it, with enough sugar and milk to make you wonder if the tea was just there for the color. Then I became a teenager. And with it all the angst and contrariness that hormones can produce.

And I discovered coffee.

While other kids were experimenting with pot and alcohol, I was experimenting with espresso. I knew I was hooked when I was ordering a double espresso, straight up with a twist of orange peel.

And surprisingly, my metabolism is good with that level of caffeine. It never affected my sleep. And sometimes the coffee was all that allowed me to keep functioning when I had migraines. Go figure. Coffee and I were made for each other.

Fast forward a few decades, and I am still joking about getting my espresso in an IV and have made it through several bad relationships, lots of jobs that required 100 hours or more per week, losses and gains, creative endeavors and repetitively boring projects, moving cross country a few times, and I have gotten through it all with my forever friend, Coffee.

And that’s why, while I am a writer and an artist and I’ve been in tech for a few decades, I decided I would like to share my love of coffee, and that is how Shadow Girl Coffee came into being.

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