Welcome to the new “normal”

On Monday I had to take my car to get an oil change, brakes checked, and a tire repaired. In the pre-pandemic days, I dreaded doing this kind of chore because it means sitting and waiting in an uncomfortable chair for a couple of hours with a lot of people coming and going. Now, it is even more of a chore, being uncomfortable AND having to wear a mask, and be mindful of what I am touching.

Don’t get me wrong. The guys at the garage are great, they have a good work ethic, and seem to truly enjoy their work and their coworkers. But in the past, I dragged my kindle with me, and was resigned to a stale cup of coffee and a weird restroom as I waited for my car to get serviced.

Now things are a little different. While I really wanted some additional caffeine (I had a pot of coffee before I left) – I didn’t want to touch anything on the counter. So I went without any.

And then, I had to use the restroom, and as I opened the door – the horror of the rotating towel thing made me double check my purse for sanitizer. And as I shut the door, and turned to lock it, there was a life sized cardboard cutout of the Michelin man…which startled me and I noticed some hardy soul had blindfolded it. This caused me to nearly pee myself giggling. Good thing it was a bathroom… I managed to get my task done, and then slathered my hands with sanitizer.

My next “goal” while waiting was to watch who else went into the rest room. And sure enough an intrepid young man waiting for his Honda, was next into the rest room. As the door shut I heard the “Oh S!!t” as he clearly was also surprised by the Michelin man. A few minutes later as he came out, our eyes met and he chuckled nervously, saying “you uh, heard me, huh?”

“Yup” I said, adding “Good thing it has a blindfold on”. And we both had a laugh. Two strangers in masks laughing about a blindfolded Michelin Man in the rest room.

Go figure…welcome to the new “normal”.

Imagine him standing behind the door of the rest room, with a blindfold on…
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